Shortfill Bottles 50 in 75ml bottle 60VG/40PG

The last time you were so Sinful, you where railing lines from a strippers ass. We are all no saints and neither is our brand. Once you try our fruity fresh Sinful flavors, you are hooked for life. Because everyone has their little sins, and this sin is one you will love to commit!

Devine Mango

This amazing flavor will leave you wanting for more after the first taste, a young fresh Mango in the inhale paired with warmer mango in the exhale. If you love exotic mango flavors, this is the one you will devote your life to!


¨The devil made me do it¨ is what you will say after you emptied your bottle of this Mango & Grape flavor. Bringing this flavors together resulted in a eliquid that you can’t stay away from!


If Mozes had to take one thing on his exodus out of Egypt, This would have been it! Fresh Mango and Blackcurrant is a flavor who always works! No compromises with this one, the only sin is not vaping it!

Sinful Lime

We cannot be held accountable for the Sins you commit when you run out of this delicious Lemon Lemonade Vape. Perfect for pairing with your cocktail in your favorite strip club.

Apple of Eden

Like Eve could not resist taking a bite out of the Apple, you will not be able to resist this amazing Apple E-liquid. A Red apple in the inhale paired with a fresh green apple in the exhale. Perfect in every way!


Red juice Strawberries and Sweet Peaches Could be the ingredient’s of a kinky evening, but we decided to pear them up in this smooth fresh e-liquid. If this not is worth Preaching about, nothing will.


Not the Exorcism of Emily Rose. But Grape, Champagne & Rose. A devilish treesome that will leave you with shaking knees and a thirst for more! Get your holy water ready for this one!

Berry Blow

Just as addicting as the white blow from Colombia. Blowing your mind and moral away with Pink Berries and a dash of lemon lemonade. Sweet but still indulging in inappropriate behavior!

Holy Honeydew

The virgin Maria was a lifetime hooker who became holy after all. Nothing better to compare this Amazing Honeydew – Cranberry Vape with. So sweet and full of flavor that any sinner can become Holy!