Shortfill Bottles 50 in 75ml bottle 70VG/30PG

On a dark, silent night, cruising along the abandoned city streets on a pitch black motorcycle, a troubled renegade picked up the scent of some memories long gone, caught in a fragrant cloud. Back home, he locked himself in and transformed his garage into a lab, determined to recreate a vape that could bring back the emotions and images of those days long gone. Hoping it would allow him to say goodbye to the past and move on, he started to realize what sensations these new fragrances induced. Getting in touch with the best brewers from the underground, he set up an international syndicate to distribute the scents to anyone who’s in need of a unique vape sensation. As a tribute to how he felt like at that first hint of reminiscence, he branded it Bad Ass, because these mysterious vapes allow you to be. Bad ass. Be yourself.


(kiwi watermelon strawberry)

Inspired by the colours of Californian choppers, cruising along the Sunset Boulevard, our distillers combined sour and sweet species, resulting in a special concentration of aroma’s, that would even tame a monkey on a Harley.


(mango pineapple papaya)

Take a deep breath and get off on this mouth watering mixture of mango, pineapple and papaya. You can ask all beauties from Brazil to India: this is, without a doubt, the most sensual of all fragrances. This is what makes ‘em moan.


(cherry strawberry watermelon)

The blend of choice for naughty girls with ponytails, addicted to bubblegum and sweets. Switch from baby pink to cherry red and experience how a bad ass makes a cherry p*p !


(energy drink apple pineapple pear)

Release the beast inside with this refreshing boost of fruity flavours. This vape contains a secret selection of golden apple, pineapple and pear varieties that taste like they’ve been picked by the goddess Hera herself to help you let the inner monster loose.


(strawberry cantaloupe mangostone)

A blend as sweet as can be ! This cloud will make all passers-by turn their heads like they’ve picked up the scent of a true p*rnstar and wonder what sweet smell just hit ‘m.


(butter cream vanilla strawberry)

There’s no taste as smooth as this triple aroma that will numb your taste buds and melt on your tongue. Perhaps the most sensual taste ever created.


(caramel marshmallow vanilla custard)

The taste of a decadently rich cappuccino, that takes you to a winter’s day in Vienna. These clouds will make everyone walking by crave for a marshmallow drowned in a shot of the black gold, topped with a creamy cloud


(bourbon chocolate cookie)

We know you like it dirty. Surrender yourself to this unholy three-way between American bourbon, Belgian milk chocolate and vanilla.


(vanilla custard burned sugar)

A vanilla Custard like cream getting it’s brains shagged out by caramelized sugar. This climactic Catalonian dessert will give your taste buds an orgasm.


(cinnamon glazed blueberry scone)

Take a a warm fresh Scone, top it of with some fresh blueberry and let the hot bakers daughter dust some cinnamon over it and take a bite with your eyes closed. Dream away with this bold flavor, like entering as a kid in a Bakery Store.