On a dark, silent night, cruising along the abandoned city streets on a pitch black motorcycle, a troubled renegade picked up the scent of some memories long gone, caught in a fragrant cloud. Back home, he locked himself in and transformed his garage into a lab, determined to recreate a vape that could bring back the emotions and images of those days long gone. Hoping it would allow him to say goodbye to the past and move on, he started to realize what sensations these new fragrances induced. Getting in touch with the best brewers from the underground, he set up an international syndicate to distribute the scents to anyone who’s in need of a unique vape sensation. As a tribute to how he felt like at that first hint of reminiscence, he branded it Bad Ass, because these mysterious vapes allow you to be. Bad ass. Be yourself.

COMING SOON: Bad Ass Clouds - Hybrid Salts!

We’re working hard to bring your favorite Bad Ass flavors in hybrid nicotine salts.
You’re new all-day-vape salts will be available in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

The first countries where we are staging a coup: Belgium, Germany and France.
You want us in your country? Let us know on info@badass-industries.com! 

Expected release: May – June 2021


Cream Series

crème brulée

Crème Brulée

A vanilla Custard like cream getting it's brains shagged out by caramelized sugar. This climactic Catalonian dessert will give your taste buds an orgasm.

bourbon chocolate cookie

High Noon

We know you like it dirty. Surrender yourself to this unholy three-way between American bourbon, Belgian milk chocolate and vanilla.

cinnamon glazed blueberry scone

The Dusk

Release the beast inside with this refreshing boost of fruity flavours. This vape contains a secret selection of golden apple, pineapple and pear varieties that taste like they've been picked by the goddess Hera herself to help you let the inner monster loose.

graham cracker marshmallow

The Dawn

Submit yourself to the bondage of sweet white marshmallows and crispy crackers. Just lay back and enjoy a sensation in your mouth, like a party that everyone's invited too.

One Percenter

Are you up for a refreshing, new start ? Then follow this guideline to become a one percenter and get a taste of what it feels like to live on the edge. Breathe in, long and deep and indulge an explosion of cool flavours, that feel as fresh as a cold winters breeze.

cherry strawberry watermelon

Cherry Hoe

The blend of choice for naughty girls with ponytails, addicted to bubblegum and sweets. Switch from baby pink to cherry red and experience how a bad ass makes a cherry p*p !

strawberry cantaloupe mango stone


A blend as sweet as can be ! This cloud will make all passers-by turn their heads like they've picked up the scent of a true p*rnstar and wonder what sweet smell just hit 'm.

apple pineapple pear

MonstRous energy

Release the beast inside with this refreshing boost of fruity flavours. This vape contains a secret selection of golden apple, pineapple and pear varieties that taste like they've been picked by the goddess Hera herself to help you let the inner monster loose.

mango pineapple papaya

Tropical squirt

Take a deep breath and get off on this mouth watering mixture of mango, pineapple and papaya. You can ask all beauties from Brazil to India: this is, without a doubt, the most sensual of all fragrances. This is what makes ‘em moan.


Introduce yourself to the Bad Ass zone with a taste of these welcoming fragrances and experience their fruity and tropical touch. For those who are up for a new challenge, perhaps a little hesitant, but eager to the experience the unexpected.


Grapefruit raid

The scent of bloody red ... grapefruits, caught in a cloud. A pure and strong taste with a fruity bite and just that perfect pinch of sourness to it.

lemonade raspberry cantaloupe

throttle dolls lemonade

Nothing beats a handful of lemons to kick start your day. Squeezed out and distilled into a vape, creating a fragrance you've never tasted before.

kiwi watermelon strawberry


Inspired by the colours of Californian choppers, cruising along the Sunset Boulevard, our distillers combined sour and sweet species, resulting in a special concentration of aroma's, that would even tame a monkey on a Harley.

lemonade raspberry cantaloupe

fucking melons

How many melons can you handle ? Every drop of this blend guarantees a smooth, tropical freshness. If Hugh Hefner were still be around, this would definitely be his number one fragrance.

Full Patch Members

To gain the full membership, it takes experience and some spunk. These bakery & custard blends are solely for the ones who’ve proven they’ve got the audacity. This is for the badasses that like their coffee black, but their clouds creamy.

caramel marshmallow vanilla custard

caramel and cream

The taste of a decadently rich cappuccino, that takes you to a winter's day in Vienna. These clouds will make everyone walking by crave for a marshmallow drowned in a shot of the black gold, topped with a creamy cloud.

marshmallow strawberry vanilla

strawberry jam

They won't easily admit, but even tough guys indulge on the smooth flavours that remind them of childhood. Treat yourself with this steamy blend of everyone's favourite classic ice cream fragrances.

strawberry milk chocolate vanilla custard

strawberry shortcake

What ? Strawberries, chocolate and vanilla, all combined in one blend ? Really ? Yep. How decadent can it get ? It sure doesn’t get any more satisfying !

butter cream vanilla strawberry

kinky pOny

There's no taste as smooth as this triple aroma that will numb your taste buds and melt on your tongue. Perhaps the most sensual taste ever created.


Thick Fack White

Remember the taste of your first Tic Tac? Relive that sensation of a minty fizz, turning slowly into the vanilla taste of the core. Just like the real deal, except this one pops from a vape, not from a box.

Thick Fack Orange

Surprise your taste buds with the inhale of smooth peppermint, but the exhale of a surprising tangy orangeyness. This vape recreates the exact same experience you get, popping a white one out of the orange box.


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